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To enroll in CAPA’s homeschool “Academy” classes from our website navigate to the “Homeschool Portal” link at the very bottom of the website where you will be prompted to join.  Once you join and log-in, you will be able to view and register for classes.

Our homeschool classes are specifically for homeschoolers but we do have some events and activities that are open to non-homeschoolers, such as community theater.  You will find those details with the description on our website and social media.

CAPA encourages parents and guardians to support their children’s participation by attending performances, helping with costumes or props, and volunteering for various roles within the organization. Your involvement is welcomed and appreciated.

The safety of our students is a top priority. CAPA follows recommended safety precautions, which includes background checks for teachers.

CAPA has some scholarship opportunities and financial assistance to help anyone that needs some help. Please contact our administrative office or check our website for information on available scholarships and how to apply.

Arizona’s ESA program is a state-funded initiative that provides financial assistance to families who wish to customize their child’s education. It allows parents to use allocated funds for educational expenses, such as private school tuition, online courses, tutoring, and approved educational materials. Homeschool families in Arizona can participate in CAPA while using their ESA funds for eligible theater and arts education expenses. Please consult the Arizona Department of Education’s ESA website or contact CAPA’s administrative office for guidance on how to use ESA funds for CAPA programs. CAPA has its own ESA advisor to aid parents with using ESA funds, contact Lindsay Meredith at

Audition information for Community Theater productions is typically posted on our website and social media channels. Keep an eye out for audition announcements and follow the provided instructions. 

Absolutely! CAPA welcomes volunteers for various roles, including set design, costume and prop creation, stage management, and more in the theater department. There are a variety of roles that are needed in the homeschool Academy such as admin, graphic design, teacher assistance, website, and marketing. Check our donate and volunteer page for more information.

To buy tickets for CAPA’s shows, visit our website’s “Productions” page, where you’ll find information on upcoming productions and links to purchase tickets online. 

CAPA is committed to mentoring and nurturing young talent. We offer internship and mentorship opportunities in various theater disciplines. Contact our Artistic Director,,  if you would like to be considered for one of these opportunities.

No, you do not have to be a Christian to participate in CAPA’s programs. We welcome individuals from all backgrounds and aim to provide a nurturing and inclusive environment for all participants.  We do require that everyone sign a Statement of Faith that you understand and abide by the fact that CAPA, its founders and staff are Christians and it will be a part of the programs we offer.

We appreciate your support! To make a donation or find out more about supporting CAPA financially, please visit the “Donate & Volunteer“ section on our website, where you can learn about our various giving options.

We appreciate your interest in supporting CAPA! To host a fundraising event or sponsor a production, please contact us at to discuss partnership and sponsorship opportunities.